Products Maintenance Multiple Water Vacuum Cleaner - No gravel tank
Multiple Water Vacuum Cleaner - No gravel tank

Special Design for no-gravel tank, effectively remove the dirt and algae at the bottom

●Change water or maintain the tank with a few squeezes.
●Patented two-way valve, by turning the arrow of the valve to draw out or fill in the water.
●High quality hose assures no hardening problem.
●Unsinkable design handle.


●Scraper with water vacuum design, easy in scraping the algae and drawing out of the wall. Especially for the algae on the bottom of the no gravel tank.
●Patented two-way valve, following the narrow of the valve to draw out of the water and fill up your aquarium in ease with one tube.
●Reliable quality of hose prevent harden with longer life.
●Quality stainless blade, efficient remove algae and calcium blot around the tank.
●Rubber Scraper: Easy to remove the water from surface of the glass.
●Floating design free from tool drop down to the bottom of the tank.

●Connect the scraper with syphon hose and pump the rubber ball to makes the flow starts. Scrape the algae than the algae and debris can be sucked out magically. (hang down the balance of hose lower than aquarium, and now the narrow of the valve is directed out from the aquarium) 
●Remove the end hose to be connected to faucet, change the direction of the valves to fill up the water.
●When use the Scraper flat attached to the wall and horizontal remove the calcium blot on the wall. Wipe the water on the blade and store the scraper with blade protection cap to avoid danger.
●Wipe the glass wet before using the Rubber Scraper, flat attached the Rubber Scraper on the wall and remove the water from top to the bottom to polish the glass.

Two valves aside the rubber ball, which in opposite directions is stop the water draw in and out, in another word the water is only working in the narrows which are in the same direction.

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