Knowledge Aquascaping How to chose CO2 Controller/Solenoid Valve?
2017/03/17 How to chose CO2 Controller/Solenoid Valve?
Using CO2 controller with timer can make CO2 dosing easier and more convenient. CO2 controller allows stable and regular CO2 supply, make sure water plants can live in an enjoyable tank.
1. Pressure reduced design provides accurate and reliable CO2 output.
2. Made with stainless steel, rust-resistance.
3. Equipped with German-made solenoid valve, assure quality, silence and safety.
4. Precision needle valve provides stable and accurate CO2 output.
5. Hand air-tighten design, no tool required.
ISTA has more than 10 different kinds of CO2 controller, for every different need. But do you know how to chose the right one?

Step 1: Check out which kinds of CO2 cylinder you have. Is it “Face-up”, “Face-side” or “Disposable”

  • For “Face-up” cylinders, ISTA has 7 different types of CO2 controllers, “Air pipe upward”, “Air pipe downward” and “Air pipe sideward”

  • For “Face-side” cylinders, we have 5 different types of CO2 controllers, “Air pipe upward” and “Air pipe downward”. Dual gauge indicators show different pressure volume, one indicate the pressure inside the bottle, and the other one shows the depressurize power.

  • For Disposable CO2 cylinders, ISTA has 2 types of controllers. These kinds of CO2 controller can only be used on disposable bottles. (For 88g and 95g CO2 cylinders)


Step 2: Where do you put the CO2 cylinder and tank? The place of your CO2 bottles and the arrangement of other accessories can help you decide which controller is suitable.

1. If the CO2 cylinder is under the tank, we recommend you chose “Air pipe upward” controller. Using “Air pipe upward” type, the air pipe can go straight up, into the tank and connect with (I-552) 3 in 1 CO2 diffuser. A very clean and clear arrangement.

2. If the CO2 cylinder is above the tank, we recommend you chose “Air pipe downward” controller. Air pipe goes down and connect (I-566) 2 in 1 Bubble counter + check valve, then into the tank with (I-504) UFO diffuser. You can place the UFO diffuser at the bottom of the tank so the CO2 will stay in the tank for longer time.

3. If the CO2 cylinder and the tank are on the same level, you can chose “Air pipe sideward” or according to the accessories you have, chose what you like. With “Air pipe sideward” controller, the air pipe can be connected with (I-577) check valve and (I-502) 2 in 1 bubble counter + diffuser.
“Air pipe sideward” controller has more flexibility on coordinating with other accessories.

ISTA has these different types of controller for different needs, according to your CO2 system arrangement, you can chose the most suitable one!